Monday, April 20, 2009

Other Gharanas in Bihar

Darbhanga Gharana
This Gharana is famous for rendition of Dhrupad. The style of Dhrupad of Darbhanga Gharana is also known as Khandar Vani. Pt. Ram Chatur Mallik was the most famous exponent of this Gharana in recent times. The famous exponents of this Gharana today are Pt. Vidur Narayan Mallik and Pt. Abhay Narayan Mallik. They emphasize the composed song over improvised alap.

Bettiah Gharana
This Gharana is also well known for its rendition of Dhrupad. A section of Dhrupad singers of Dilli Gharana migrated in the time of Shah Jahan to Bettiah and flowered under the patronage of Bettiah Raj. The Dhrupadiyas of Bettiah practice Nauhar and Khandar vani, with some unique techniques for nomtom alap. The most famous exponents of the Bettiah Gharana today are Pt. Indrakishore Mishra and Pt. Falguni Mitra.

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